5 Caribbean Vacation Spots You’ll Surely Love

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A Caribbean vacation is one of the best ways to escape from the bustle of the city and amidst of your busy life. These islands in the region allow you to enjoy a few days of your own for relaxation and fun. You can completely leave your busy life behind and indulge yourself to the wonders the Caribbean islands have to offer.

Panorama of Pitons at Saint Lucia, Caribbean

But, with too many islands and hot spots the region has to offer, it is undeniable for you to have hard time finding the best place to suit you. So, here are the top five Caribbean vacation destinations that you will surely love.


Aruba offers a lot of vacation packages and deals to fill in your needs. Generally idea for sun worshippers, Aruba is the heart of Southern Caribbean. The island has everything to offer to its travellers such as wide range of outdoor activities due to its stable warm weather all year round.

This tropical destination in the region is a home to several hidden beaches along with other outdoor fun such as boating, surf boarding, snorkelling and even indoor casinos. Aruba also celebrates every night with its lively nightlife. Any individuals would love to be a part of the spot’s best nightlife events that are recognized by many party goers worldwide.


Among other Caribbean destinations, Barbados appears to be the most interesting spot for travellers who like to be a part of nature. This coral island located in Eastern Caribbean Sea includes a number of outdoor fun and packages that will suit to anyone’s budget.

Aside from the wonders of the blue sea and clear skies, Barbados is also a home to vast sugar cane plantations, botanical gardens and various white sand beach resorts. Similar to Aruba, Barbados offers a tropical warm weather throughout the year although it is expected to be rainy seasons during the months of June to November (that’s long!)

The Dominican Republic

Some of Caribbean’s finest destinations are located at the Dominican Republic, west of Puerto Rico. You can choose Bora Chico as your destination. It is centrally located, with numbers of establishments lining up from one to another. You can always find shopping centres, restaurants and bars to other business types – all these are perfectly designed to entice customer’s attentions.

Another beach resort of your liking is the Puerto Cana Beach. It is a family-friendly Caribbean destination in the country. Its palm trees lining up against its turquoise waters will welcome you. It is also the portal for luxurious hotels and accommodations in the region.


Located off the Caribbean coast is one of the most ideal places for relaxation. Located on the northern side of the region, its history reflects the culture of its natives. Anguilla is a home to top accommodations – from high class hotels, classy restaurants and relaxing spa services. It is also known to many visitors because of its internationally acclaimed diving destination. Visitors, on the other hand, may also opt to be one with nature as the place offers tranquillity and relaxing atmosphere.

The island of Anguilla is often visited by hurricanes during the months of June to November. Thus, the island’s activities may be limited during the time. Restaurants and accommodations are a little bit expensive but there are still several hotels offering reasonable prices.


Curacao is the top destination for beach lovers. Located in the Southern part of the region, the island is a home to 38 beach resorts that are world-renowned because of its sparkling waters and white sand shores.

Thousands of visitors come to Curacao because of its oozing 68 diving sites, making it popular around the world for diving enthusiasts. Its beaches are also known for its spotless beauty and hospitable people. Individuals who are also fond of hiking will find Curacao to be an ideal location for vacation and be one with nature.

Local markets are also full of souvenirs and goodies for every shopper at heart. Streets are also alive during the night due to the wide array of bars tourists could choose from. If you are a fond of casinos and gaming, Curacao is also the best place to go.

These beautiful islands of Caribbean offer you eclectic choices of destinations for your next vacation. While each destination offers a different taste of getaway, you can be sure that it can offer its tourists and guests more than enough for a serious break. Planning your Caribbean travel ahead will help you save ample amount of time and even money during your entire stay. Consider looking out to each of the Caribbean island and see which one is suited for your lovely taste!