6 Easy Tips on Planning Your Luxurious Caribbean Vacation

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Caribbean getaway

Many people around the world would love to go to Caribbean as their top destination. However, not everyone can afford the trip that is why most of travellers wait throughout the year to buy a package holiday. But, have you ever felt the best vacation comes with hands on planning?

Sometimes, you have to treat yourself with the best vacations the world has to offer. Why not start it with a Caribbean getaway? Yes, the region may be a destination for individuals who have thousands of dollars in their pockets but doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money to get there. Here are six tips that you can consider to maximize your budget and enjoy a real Caribbean luxury.


There are over 7000 islands in the Caribbean region. Have you done a little research on the type of island you would like to stay? They all have green palm trees lining up, white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise ocean. But, what kind of locals and culture would you like to experience? Each island has different types of traditions, food and history. Get to know more about their culture that interests you the most!

Fun and Activities

Activities around the island make fond memories and awesome experience. Each island has different activities to offer you as they have different landscapes and resources. For instance, Saba is known for its beautiful forests and mountains, making it an ideal destination for individuals who want to go hiking, climbing and be one with nature. Cuba, on the other hand, has a little of everything you want to experience in a Caribbean getaway. If you want tax free goods, Heineken Regatta and ultimate partying then St Martin is your destination. What activities in Caribbean do you have in mind? You may start researching on this one too!

Currency and Budget

People across the world, especially in the travelling industry, make use of U.S. dollars. However, some islands in the Caribbean region use Euro which can be a little expensive for those who are using dollars. So, before choosing your destination, check out the currency the island is accepting and see whether they deal with your currency or not. This will allow you to plan your budget well.

Travelling Off Season

Peak season for travellers come between October to March. If you want to find great values on deals, packages and rentals, the best time to visit the Caribbean is from April to earlier parts of October. The place also gets hit with hurricanes every year so check out between September to mid November before booking.

Travel Alerts

With the travel industry booming as years go by, you can find a lot of travel websites out there offering special promos and discounted packages from time to time. In order for you to keep updated with these goodies, make sure to sign up for free alerts. Check it regularly, visit their social media sites and see whether there are new deals popping up. Talk about great deals and massive savings!


Just like buying any products, you can always ask someone you know who have to the Caribbean. Talk to a family member or friends who have been there and see whether they can recommend a nice place. How was their experience during their stay? Which websites do they refer to for planning? Referrals are more powerful than ads so ask away!

Vacations are wonderful and more so when you choose Caribbean as your ultimate destination. So, choose the best island, get to know the culture and identify the things you need. With careful planning, you will be able to get the most out of your much needed break.