Experiencing the Caribbean Cuisine on Your Vacation

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Caribbean cuisine

Although you wish to visit Caribbean for your grand vacation at least once in your lifetime, chances are you haven’t been there or not yet planning for this paradise trip. Whether you want to experience the culture and beach fun in Cayman Islands, Barbados, St. Martin or Aruba, your Caribbean getaway is surely going to be a memorable one. And you know what makes it more memorable? It’s the food!

When it comes to your Caribbean vacation, most people imagine their time spent under the sun worshipping along with the beautiful sea. While this is the main feature of the region that allures a lot of tourists to tour the area, there are also countless reasons why you should visit the West Indies. Yes, one reason is the food.

Caribbean culture offers eclectic choices of food that is absolutely not the first thing people think of trying when they get to the island. However, this is definitely one of the top priorities you should try during your vacation. If you are planning your Caribbean vacation now, consider all your dining options as you go.

The Caribbean Cuisine

The cuisine itself is a mixture of different cultures. You can taste the blend of Spanish, British, Africa, Chinese, Indian and more cuisines across the world coming into one region. You can obviously see a lot of seafood as part of the gastronomy in the island. Although different islands have different special dishes being offered, you can see an abundance of seafood around.

If you are planning on an all inclusive Caribbean vacation, it is high time for you to eat the foods that will definitely surprise you. One of the most common foods in the region is the conch and may be a different shellfish from the ones you have tried before. If you haven’t tried this dish, then you shouldn’t leave Caribbean without having some! Other islands even include sharks on their menu. Since it’s around the beach, you should expect more seafood plates on the table.

Wherever resorts you may opt to stay, you can always expect a restaurant within reach. If you also have been to a restaurant that offers Caribbean recipes then you may already be familiar with the region’s own way of seasoning. Their special kind of seasoning is usually garnished in meat dishes and recipes, usually with chicken. This kind of spicy taste is no other and will surely captivate the taste buds of individuals who like spicy foods. Caribbean menu also makes use of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg as their spices.

Rice is also served and is common in Caribbean cuisine. Different islands have different twist in using rice as their delicious side. However, you can choose to use rice that is served along with beans and sauces. The rice served in Caribbean region is a lot different than the rice you are used to try before.

It pays a lot to do a little research about Caribbean culture and its influences on their cuisine. This will give you the idea which recipe to try and which one to be careful about. Most inclusive packages include food tasting and these accommodations will make sure you get to taste their local culinary feast. So, give yourself a favor and familiarize everything your taste buds should be aware of. You can plan on a lot of things for your Caribbean trip but we do the same thing all the time – we eat!