Where to Stay in the Caribbean: How to Rent a Villa

Caribbean villa

The resort, hotel or cruise line you pick for your Caribbean getaway will play a huge part in how much you are going to enjoy the entire experience. More often than not, this is where you are going to spend most of your time during your entire trip, especially if you have chosen an all inclusive Caribbean package or a cruise. Luckily, Caribbean islands offer a wide selection and different lodging types suited for your appeal. These accommodations can also fit to your interests and budget – from some of the luxurious hotels in the world to mini hostels.

Renting a Caribbean villa or a private house has been a huge alternative to those who are planning to stay in the Caribbean longer. Apparently, villas offer a more flexible accommodation offer than booking a hotel, especially when you are travelling in a group or family. The experience allows you to cherish the appeal of being one with the local culture or if you are simply looking for autonomy and privacy in one. If you are curious on how to rent a villa, here are some great tips:

Choose the Island

You will find a lot of villas for rent in any Caribbean destinations but not all island resorts are equal when it comes to its quality and quantity. For instance, if you are fond of night life, bars and casinos, you might want to consider finding a villa in St. Martin. If you are looking forward to enjoy the culture and the gastronomic activities in the Caribbean, it is worth checking Anguilla out.

Find a Booking Agent

You can easily find a villa booking agent through the internet. There are a lot of websites for travellers who prefer renting villas. However, you can always go with the simpler way by finding an agent who can help you find the villa of your choice. These agents will not just book your villa but will also meet you upon your arrival. They are also available to help you with your car rentals, air travel, arranging packaged tours and even finding restaurants.

Determine the Must-Haves in Your Villa

Start your search by narrowing your choices according to your range of budget and list some of the things that the accommodation must have. Unless you are looking during the last-minute vacation plans or during peak seasons, you can always find great villa rentals to satisfy your needs and preferences. For instance, you would prefer a villa with a beachfront view, child-friendly features, sports facilities, number of bedrooms, internet access and even the availability of drivers and masseuses.

Booking Tips

If you want to maximize your savings, consider booking a villa rental during off peak seasons. Seasons with high demand generally runs from December 15 to April 15 every year and you can save money if you decide to visit just before or after those busy weeks. If you are also planning a holiday vacation, make sure to book early. Some vacationers decide to wait for last minute promo deals but it is found to be risky as owners often use their villas themselves. Book ahead of time and enjoy the rest of the moment (and savings).

Your budget, preferences, and the time of vacation can play roles in making sure that you are renting the best villa for your needs. Consider these factors and tips out to ensure that you are having a blast with your accommodations in Caribbean.

Caribbean Vacation Planning – Finding Your Flight

Carribean flights

The best vacation packages and hotel deals in the Caribbean islands won’t be worth if you have hard time getting there, or if you have to spend a fortune to get there. This is the reason why most vacationers going to the Caribbean will see to it that they are getting a great deal of airfare and flights before actually planning the entire trip.

Certain islands and destinations in Caribbean such as the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico may have a lot of flights from different airlines, making it a lot less costly than the rest of the destinations. Other islands, especially those that are smaller and a little off the most crowded region may have infrequent air travel and cost more.

There are a lot of pages and websites offering different Caribbean deals. Often, they feature different airfare sales. There are also times when resorts and destinations offer monetary credits for your airfare or even a free airline ticket to entice you to visit their island. You only need to find the ones that offer such promos.

The Flight Duration

This is another issue. You may find out that there has to be a lot of time to spend in the air depending on where in the Caribbean you are headed to and where you are coming from. So, if you only have a little amount of time for a vacation, find a destination that has direct flights from the States. When planning for your flight, also check out the flight duration from your city to your destination of choice. For example, the Bahamas is just right off the coast of Florida which makes a big difference if you are on a constricted time.

Finding Airline Promo Fares

No matter where you decide to go, it is general to have a low budget on the airline service to get to the beautiful islands. Hence, it pays a lot of price for you to plan and book ahead. It is also best to compare the flight fares before going. Most vacationers like to use comparison websites such as Expedia, Priceline and Orbitz to find cheaper Caribbean flights. It allows you to search on the best possible deals on different airline websites, giving you the chance to make a choice as to which airline gives the best promo deal.

Caribbean Vacation Planning – Top Questions to Ask

Caribbean vacay

Caribbean is synonymous with luxury. On top of that, it can be the best destination choice for you once you decide to give yourself a little amount of vacation that’s worth a memory. So, when planning to go to Caribbean, you have to remember the best things you need to prepare. Here are the top questions you need to ask when planning your Caribbean getaway.

Who is going with you?

Is it your family vacation? A vacation with friends? A couple’s getaway? Some beach resorts in Caribbean can cater to families while some specialize on giving couple’s vacation. Some destinations are also best for friends hanging out or child-friendly for families with kids. If you are travelling with someone who has limited mobility, it is important to find a destination that is readily accessible to those who are differently-able.

What activities are you looking forward to do when you get there?

Some islands in Caribbean are known to give vibrant nightlife while other resorts offer the most peaceful privacy for those who are looking for a serene getaway. Other Caribbean destinations are also known for offering great water activities and aquatic sports, diving, culture or ecotourism. Some islands have numbers of casinos and gaming centres while others prohibit gaming. If you are also into shopping, you may also find islands ideal for those. Pick a destination that has a little mix of these activities and atmosphere that is right for your needs.

When do you prefer to go?

People love to go to Caribbean during their midwinter nights but you can always save a huge amount of money by going off peak season that usually extends up to middle of December. Hurricane season also gives cheaper packages and is a less costly time to travel. If you want to get the real feel of the Caribbean culture when you are on a trip, you should check the events out as scheduled when visiting. Holidays are great time to take your family to a Caribbean vacation.

How long do you plan to stay?

If you want a trip that maximizes your time or a weekend getaway, look for the destinations that are closer to the United States (e.g. Bahamas, Bermuda or the Cayman Islands) or the destinations that have direct and frequent flights such as San Juan, Nassau and Montego Bay. You also need to find a hotel that is closer to the airport if you don’t want to spend most of your time in a shuttle van upon arrival. There are also islands in Caribbean that are set up for longer stay such as rental villas and apartments that are fully equipped with kitchen equipments. The choice is yours.

What’s your budget?

Resorts and destinations in the Caribbean islands are not equally created. You can find a beach hut or a five star luxury hotel. For instance, you will find Dominican Republic to be more appealing to backpackers than, let’s say, St. Barts.

Some resorts are ideal for romantic getaway while some are perfect for those who are looking for fun and adventure under the sun. If you know the answers to the questions above, you can easily narrow your choices down and make the entire Caribbean vacation planning a lot better as you go.

Planning your Caribbean getaway can be a little bit daunting. But, once you determine what you want and how you want your vacation to happen, all these details will be worth it. So, pick your choice, decide on the budget and plan your destination according to it. You are just about to make a whole new bunch of memory in the beautiful islands of West Indies.

Important Tips for a Family Vacation in the Caribbean

Caribbean vacation

Exotic views, comfortable atmosphere and exciting adventures – these might be the common reasons why the Caribbean islands are the best destination for families who like to explore paradise. Many people think that the trip going to the Caribbean is worth it. The islands’ culture and beauty are definitely above everyone else’s and its atmosphere is totally inviting, giving the tourists the warm spell of welcome.

Caribbean islands are family-friendly although in varied ways. Some have many all-inclusive resorts and tour packages that will cater to both adults and kids. The only daunting task about planning your family vacation in Caribbean is to sort out the details and make choices among the options suited for your family. So, here are some of the great advices on choosing the right island, right activities and even some of the extra things you need to take care of when you get there.

What’s Your Ideal Beach View?

When you picture out Caribbean, your mind must be full of deep blue sea and white sand beaches. Well, that’s not all the case. There are volcanic islands such as Jamaica, St Kitts, St Lucia and the Virgin islands that offer exquisite valleys and peaks manicured with green landscapes and colored sands. It also tends to rain in these areas. There are also coral islands such as Aruba, Caymans and Barbados that have pristine, powdery beaches and calm waters. These types are appealing but you have to choose which would be nice for a family getaway.

Consider Your Activities

Do your kids love to play under the sun on the sand or they need more activities that require more action? If they are the types who easily get bored on the beach, you have to choose a property that offers a lot of activities to do, especially for the young ones. Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Aruba, Jamaica and Bahamas have a wide array of resorts that are child and family-oriented. They also offer offsite excursions and island tours. These islands are also more developed than other islands and that includes restaurants, nightclubs, casinos and shopping centers that are suitable for the adults.

Renting a Villa

Most families coming to the Caribbean prefer to rent a villa than to book a hotel room. The Caribbean is a little bit expensive excursion, especially for those coming in groups for a longer stay. Villa rentals are the best way to keep your costs on the line. It will not just give you more privacy and space but the rates on some islands include almost everything you need that is totally worth your money.

Find yourself a reputed agency that can answer your detailed questions before actually booking a rental villa. They are going to help you find options that include everything you need – from kitchen equipments to sports amenities.

Planning your Caribbean vacation for the family is exciting and fun. However, there are definitely a lot of details to take care of. When you plan ahead of time, you surely are going to achieve numbers of amazing activities while maximizing your savings.

Things You Should Look for in a Perfect Caribbean Getaway

Caribbean packages

Have you been trying to find the best deals on all inclusive Caribbean packages? Well, you are not alone. Caribbean islands are among the most visited destinations in the world. From Antigua to Jamaica, there is nothing you will not enjoy but turquoise water, sand and warm weather. Those who are huge patrons of nightlife will also find the Caribbean to be one hot destination.

Millions of tourists hit the Caribbean every year, making it one of the busiest parts of the world where people are having a time of their lives. Some would visit the place for their most relaxing getaway on the beach while some are there for pure excitement. Cruise ships are also available throughout the day, stopping at few ports.

With so many islands in Caribbean and beach resorts to choose from, how do you make sure you are choosing the best? Here are some tips to help you out.

  • You must first choose your destination. If you are not quite picky, you will have a lot of packages to choose from. However, if you have too many choices on hand, you may find it hard time to make a decision. Caribbean is a wonderful destination and it is natural for guests to have a challenging time picking. Make a list of top three Caribbean places you’d love to visit and look for these place’s packages.
  • Some packages include a tour to more than one beach resort. If you would like to visit one place to another, this might be the kind of deal for you. For example, you can pick a package that includes a stay in a specific resort but with easy access to many beaches nearby.
  • You would want to do a lot of things in Caribbean such as horseback riding, snorkelling, golfing, surfing and even spa services. All of us don’t want to be hit with hidden costs in the middle of enjoying everything in the island so make sure that the package you pick covers every attraction you would like to try out.
  • If you are looking forward to relax in a peaceful and tranquil environment, you can check out the Grenadines or the Tortola. Although these places don’t have the same amount of vibrancy as the Bahamas, you are surely going to get that relaxing moment you want.
  • Remember the kind of services and hotel facilities that you would like to have during your stay. Once you are able to pick a destination, the next step is to choose the resort. Some vacation packages in Caribbean include the tipping, dining and entertainment while some don’t. You can read a lot of reviews online to see what other people have to say about accommodations and everything.

As long as you are able to keep these things in mind, you should be able to make the most out of your Caribbean vacation. Spend so much time doing a lot of research on your favourite destination, hotel and their offers. This will make your vacation more convenient and memorable.

Things to Remember When Booking Your All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

Caribean package

So, you are planning for your ultimate Caribbean vacation and wondering what you are about to see in this paradise on earth. For some, you are expecting to soak up under the sun and lay down on the beach. Perhaps you are also excited about the spectacular views of sunset in the island. If this sounds like the best vacation time for you and want to do something more active then you are right at it!

Caribbean is known for its fine sand beach, picturesque sunsets and best destination for aquatic activities. There are numbers of activities that you can always plan out and some islands even allow you to be one with nature because of its landscapes famous for hiking. You will have variety of activities outdoors to choose from and there is absolutely something for everyone in the Caribbean!

Planning for a Caribbean Trip

All the excitement things to do in Caribbean may be flooding in your mind right now. However, if you are just planning about it, you may face numbers of daunting things to do when it comes to the preparation and budgeting. One good way to balance everything and avoid the headaches of preparation is to allow a tour organization plan the entire trip for you with their inclusive deals. This way, you will save enormous time and just worry about the things that you would like to try when you get to the island.

A lot of travellers also prefer doing it on their own however, you may miss out all the fun adventures included in these inclusive deals. These deals make your entire vacation a lot cheaper, giving you more time to think of other things than planning your activities in the Caribbean. Before you start looking for all-in Caribbean package, you have to remember a few things.

Cheap Accommodations

The first thing that you have to remember is that wherever you go in Caribbean, there is always something to do and to watch out for. This means that wherever you decide to go, whether you wanted to stay in one island to another, you will surely enjoy your stay. With the number of things to do in Caribbean, you will not definitely stay 24 hours a day in your hotel. Use this idea to cheapen your accommodation costs. Find a cheaper accommodation and spend the rest of your time enjoying the beautiful outside.

You have to remember though that you get what you paid for. This means that cheap may not always be the best. If you are able to find a cheap all inclusive Caribbean packages, try finding out more about your destination of choice. If you are going to a popular island such as in Bahamas or Punta Cana, you are lucky. However, if you just could not find a great deal, check out other tourist agency since they usually offer their own version of all inclusive packages that may be are cheaper than the rest.

Keep in mind that more tourists’ spots are going through a massive transformation to attract more customers. A lot of beach resorts in Caribbean region usually go under renovation to entice more guests to stay with them. When looking for the ultimate destination, focus on the resorts that have just finished renovating their site. Some of them may be less popular and they definitely offer cheaper prices than the rest of the resorts you may have heard.

With the Caribbean being the top destination for tourists all over the world, you sure can find an all inclusive Caribbean vacation that is worth your time and money. Remember that cheap may not always be the best. Finding out about your destination, thorough research and doing comparisons from one tour operator to another will guarantee you a good time in the West Indies.

Caribbean Vacation Rental – Your Best Option for a Convenient Accommodation

Caribbean rentals

Blue ocean waves, tropical weather, hammocks tied between palm trees, cool drinks next to you – these are the pictures you create in your mind when thinking about Caribbean vacation. And when you say vacation, you generally mean another level of relaxation, enjoyment and convenience that helps you to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body after a very tiring season of work. This is the time when your time is best spent with family and loved ones with a twist of the tropical haven on the background. So, you have the scenario in your mind. What comes next?

Planning for a Caribbean vacation is a long time coming for sure. Your mind wanders on the types of accommodations you are going to stay and the kinds of activities you surely are going to enjoy. There are a lot of hotels in Caribbean region simply because it is one of the top destinations for luxurious vacations in the world but sometimes, hotels aren’t really the best option when you are talking about convenience and affordability.

Hotel accommodations are quite a common choice for everyone who is staying in Caribbean for the first time. They offer a wide range of facilities, amenities and available services but may hinder you from your much needed privacy and peace of mind. If you are going in a group – for instance, family or friends, you realize that you just continue to count the cost of additional beds, pax, and maybe more service charges. When you decide to chill at the hotel’s lobby, you realize you are not alone as you also have other guests with you.

Amenities and readily available facilities are always present in a Caribbean hotel. You decide to take a long dip in the pool but get disturbed because there are other people sharing your space. You find a lot of strangers around and many of them may not be from your country. In the end, you just realize that these are all causing you some inconvenience. So, where is the sense of staying in this paradise if you don’t get to enjoy everything with comfort and privacy? Vacation rental is the answer.

The Perks of Booking a Caribbean Vacation Rental

A vacation rental in Caribbean ensures that you get to enjoy complete privacy in your have during your entire stay. It gives you another sense of freedom while allowing you to feel like you are at home. With its spacious rooms, windows fronting the beach, complete furnishing, well equipped kitchen and comfortable rest rooms, you are simply going to be at home.

Caribbean vacation rentals also offer amenities such as your own swimming pool, play ground, tennis court and even game rooms for you to enjoy indoors. There are a lot of entertainment facility that you get to own during your stay. Most of these rentals are also centrally located, making other establishments and wonderful attractions within reach. The great thing about this is that rentals are a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel, especially on a long term basis.

You can always find available vacation rentals through a rental agency and real estate agents in Caribbean region. You have the prerogative to explore the beach and tailor your experience according to your liking. There are a lot of rental agencies that you can explore and some of them offer villas, private houses and condos along with all the services you need. So, if you are looking for luxury and leisure that meets convenience, a Caribbean vacation rental is the good choice to go.

6 Easy Tips on Planning Your Luxurious Caribbean Vacation

Caribbean getaway

Many people around the world would love to go to Caribbean as their top destination. However, not everyone can afford the trip that is why most of travellers wait throughout the year to buy a package holiday. But, have you ever felt the best vacation comes with hands on planning?

Sometimes, you have to treat yourself with the best vacations the world has to offer. Why not start it with a Caribbean getaway? Yes, the region may be a destination for individuals who have thousands of dollars in their pockets but doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of money to get there. Here are six tips that you can consider to maximize your budget and enjoy a real Caribbean luxury.


There are over 7000 islands in the Caribbean region. Have you done a little research on the type of island you would like to stay? They all have green palm trees lining up, white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise ocean. But, what kind of locals and culture would you like to experience? Each island has different types of traditions, food and history. Get to know more about their culture that interests you the most!

Fun and Activities

Activities around the island make fond memories and awesome experience. Each island has different activities to offer you as they have different landscapes and resources. For instance, Saba is known for its beautiful forests and mountains, making it an ideal destination for individuals who want to go hiking, climbing and be one with nature. Cuba, on the other hand, has a little of everything you want to experience in a Caribbean getaway. If you want tax free goods, Heineken Regatta and ultimate partying then St Martin is your destination. What activities in Caribbean do you have in mind? You may start researching on this one too!

Currency and Budget

People across the world, especially in the travelling industry, make use of U.S. dollars. However, some islands in the Caribbean region use Euro which can be a little expensive for those who are using dollars. So, before choosing your destination, check out the currency the island is accepting and see whether they deal with your currency or not. This will allow you to plan your budget well.

Travelling Off Season

Peak season for travellers come between October to March. If you want to find great values on deals, packages and rentals, the best time to visit the Caribbean is from April to earlier parts of October. The place also gets hit with hurricanes every year so check out between September to mid November before booking.

Travel Alerts

With the travel industry booming as years go by, you can find a lot of travel websites out there offering special promos and discounted packages from time to time. In order for you to keep updated with these goodies, make sure to sign up for free alerts. Check it regularly, visit their social media sites and see whether there are new deals popping up. Talk about great deals and massive savings!


Just like buying any products, you can always ask someone you know who have to the Caribbean. Talk to a family member or friends who have been there and see whether they can recommend a nice place. How was their experience during their stay? Which websites do they refer to for planning? Referrals are more powerful than ads so ask away!

Vacations are wonderful and more so when you choose Caribbean as your ultimate destination. So, choose the best island, get to know the culture and identify the things you need. With careful planning, you will be able to get the most out of your much needed break.

Experiencing the Caribbean Cuisine on Your Vacation

Caribbean cuisine

Although you wish to visit Caribbean for your grand vacation at least once in your lifetime, chances are you haven’t been there or not yet planning for this paradise trip. Whether you want to experience the culture and beach fun in Cayman Islands, Barbados, St. Martin or Aruba, your Caribbean getaway is surely going to be a memorable one. And you know what makes it more memorable? It’s the food!

When it comes to your Caribbean vacation, most people imagine their time spent under the sun worshipping along with the beautiful sea. While this is the main feature of the region that allures a lot of tourists to tour the area, there are also countless reasons why you should visit the West Indies. Yes, one reason is the food.

Caribbean culture offers eclectic choices of food that is absolutely not the first thing people think of trying when they get to the island. However, this is definitely one of the top priorities you should try during your vacation. If you are planning your Caribbean vacation now, consider all your dining options as you go.

The Caribbean Cuisine

The cuisine itself is a mixture of different cultures. You can taste the blend of Spanish, British, Africa, Chinese, Indian and more cuisines across the world coming into one region. You can obviously see a lot of seafood as part of the gastronomy in the island. Although different islands have different special dishes being offered, you can see an abundance of seafood around.

If you are planning on an all inclusive Caribbean vacation, it is high time for you to eat the foods that will definitely surprise you. One of the most common foods in the region is the conch and may be a different shellfish from the ones you have tried before. If you haven’t tried this dish, then you shouldn’t leave Caribbean without having some! Other islands even include sharks on their menu. Since it’s around the beach, you should expect more seafood plates on the table.

Wherever resorts you may opt to stay, you can always expect a restaurant within reach. If you also have been to a restaurant that offers Caribbean recipes then you may already be familiar with the region’s own way of seasoning. Their special kind of seasoning is usually garnished in meat dishes and recipes, usually with chicken. This kind of spicy taste is no other and will surely captivate the taste buds of individuals who like spicy foods. Caribbean menu also makes use of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg as their spices.

Rice is also served and is common in Caribbean cuisine. Different islands have different twist in using rice as their delicious side. However, you can choose to use rice that is served along with beans and sauces. The rice served in Caribbean region is a lot different than the rice you are used to try before.

It pays a lot to do a little research about Caribbean culture and its influences on their cuisine. This will give you the idea which recipe to try and which one to be careful about. Most inclusive packages include food tasting and these accommodations will make sure you get to taste their local culinary feast. So, give yourself a favor and familiarize everything your taste buds should be aware of. You can plan on a lot of things for your Caribbean trip but we do the same thing all the time – we eat!

Top Benefits of Buying All Inclusive Caribbean Packages

Caribbean package

Caribbean vacations are one of the most popular getaways in the world. It is the most sought after destination among individuals who wanted to experience the luxury of the beach while taking an ample amount of time off their busy lives. However, not everyone is captivated with its cost. So, how can you make sure you are enjoying the Caribbean without having to worry a bunch on expenses?

Don’t fret out. An all inclusive Caribbean package is what you exactly need. An inclusive deal will help you enjoy the tropical destination of West Indies even on a tighter budget. With the assistance of a travel agent, you can easily find a Caribbean destination that allows you to feel a lavish vacation without spending a fortune. These kinds of packages allow you to pay for all the essentials you need in one price. This way, you only need to think about bringing enough money for extra stuff.

An all inclusive package includes your travel and accommodation expenses which are normally paid up front. This way, you don’t have to worry about running out of cash before your vacation ends. If you are planning a very tropical vacation to the Caribbean islands, you can easily find an all-in package that can offer you enormous benefits.

A Complete Caribbean Wedding Package

A Caribbean package is more common to individuals or couples wanting to spend a romantic getaway on a beach scenario. More often than not, this is included in a wedding package and gives you the chance to choose among the few popular islands such as Jamaica, St Lucia or the Bahamas. Additionally, you can find a lot of resorts where you can exchange vows. Rather than spending your time on your honeymoon, you may also opt to make the most out of it by having an exotic wedding too. These deals come in complete factors such as the wedding coordinator and the facility.

A Romantic Caribbean Package

If you are going to Caribbean with someone special and planning to rekindle the romance and fun in your relationship, you can always find an all-in vacation deal to suit your needs. A lot of resorts in the Caribbean provide accommodations, means, entertainment and fun activities that are especially tailored for couples like you. Some resorts offer significant privacy for adults thereby you are sure to enjoy the solitude with your loved ones. Several dining establishments and bars are also within reach, giving you the chance to enjoy the night with your spouse.

One great thing about the all inclusive Caribbean packages is that it offers a single payment for all activities under the sun. Most of outdoor fun costs a lot of money that is why some people find it hard to enjoy the most out of their stay. Buying a package ahead of time will give you the chance to pay for less and enjoy more. Some packages may include island hopping, snorkelling, scuba diving and even golfing.

You can always find these kinds of vacation packages to fill in your needs. Whether you want to exchange vows in the Caribbean region or simply want to find a break from the stressful life in the city, there will always be an all in vacation deal for you. Take advantage of the facilities, amenities and access to different indoor and outdoor activities without breaking your bank account. With the varied ways to enjoy your Caribbean vacation, you are surely bound to create a moment of a lifetime.