Things to Know about Your Caribbean Destination

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Bottom Bay, Barbados, Caribbean

There is so much more to Caribbean than meets the eye. Apparently, the destination isn’t just about its dancing palm trees, aquamarine water and pristine white sand beaches. Yes, Caribbean is known for its famous beaches around the world but there are some islands that are not such as Saba. Learning about the islands surrounding the Caribbean can help you decide on the kind of vacation you want. For instance, the weather varies from one Caribbean destination to another because of the trade winds and mountains. Aruba is a little bit of a desert while Puerto Rico’s mountains are ideal for those who want to take cool brisk hikes for some adventure.

The Culture

Caribbean is also a melting pot for cultures which makes one island different from another. Martinique and islands around the French West Indies may offer you a little similar atmosphere like Paris aside from its tropical feels. The Netherland Antilles still live with the style of Holland colonial times while the British West Indies are still in a traditional Victorian mode. Some of these islands that have been a part of different countries are a wonderful mix of nationalities and races.

The Activities and Fun

Another thing that you should consider when planning a Caribbean vacation is the different activities each island offers. There are a lot of delightful natural sceneries to be discovered both above and beneath waters. Mountain peaks are towering while some visitors prefer to visit the historical buildings and immerse into the local culture. Special events such as the famous Carnival can also bring tons of visitors to the islands that have these.

Jamaica is also another part of the Caribbean known for its famous beaches and towns. The place could bring thousands of visitors who would like to revisit again and again. Whether you are looking forward to visit Ocho Rios, Negril, Montego Bay, Kingston or other areas nearby, there is definitely a lot of enjoyment to watch for in Jamaica. For the sports enthusiasts, golf is quite a common facility in the area. You can also explore and hike the trails to the Blue Mountains. You may also indulge in the world-famous Jamaican cuisine. Shoppers will also have a great time visiting the craft markets in the district’s shopping area. However, you may want to consider choosing a different island if you are into diving and snorkelling as Jamaica isn’t the best destination for such activities.

One of the most popular destinations for tourists is the Dominican Republic because of its lively nightlife and music. It also offers wide array of all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages that feature its crystal clear water. The destination is abundant with Spanish architectural heritage. In fact, America’s first cathedral was built here.

If you are coming around through a cruise ship, the Bahamas is the popular cruise stop with its plenty of scenic ports and beaches. For those who are looking for a more serene place, the Bahamas Out Islands are known to offer tranquil towns and beaches where you can enjoy a peaceful relaxation.

These are just some of the things that you need to know before going on an all inclusive Caribbean vacation. You need to choose the right resort that could cater your needs for your maximum enjoyment. Make your Caribbean trip a memory of a lifetime!