Top 5 Hotels to Try on Your Bahamas Vacation

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Paradise IslandThe hotel accommodations are among the key factors guests take into consideration when choosing a particular place to unwind. Furthermore, hotels also serve as a tourist attraction. Who wouldn’t love to stay in a beautiful hotel anyway?

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in Bahamas, you may find the hotel that suits your taste on this list of top hotels.

  1. One & Only Ocean Club (Bahamas)

Get the luxury that you need on your vacation in this five-star hotel located in Paradise Island and equipped with plush amenities like private pools, golf course, and spacious guest rooms, villas, and suites. These are only few of the things you can enjoy in this lavish (but absolutely worth it) hotel.

  1.  Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant

If you want a unique experience, choose Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant. The 20 antique-filled rooms of this 18th-century colonial mansion are each named with different historic names instead of the typical numbers. But don’t worry, the amenities are 21st century (breathe) such as private baths, air conditioning and cable television. Winston Churchill once slept in one of the cottages so might wanna check it out (do you even remember who he is?).

  1. Sandals Emerald Bay

Sandals Emerald Bay is located in the Great Exuma Island and offers luxurious and secluded place for you to rest during your Caribbean vacation. Although the location may somewhat make you feel disconnected, the hotel would surely keep you entertained with their amenities such as a golf course, swimming pools, and deep water marina. The hotel also offers activities like unlimited scuba diving, island excursions, kayaking, and bone fishing.

  1. Pink Sands Resort

Fifty miles east of Nassau, Pink Sand Resort is a 20-acre resort located in Harbour Island’s Dunmore Town. As its name suggests, Pink Sands Resort’s trademark is their blush-colored beach. The hotel also offers room options that would suit your taste and needs.

  1. The Cove Eleuthera

The Cove Eleuthera has fifty-eight guest rooms, villas, and suites which are all steps away from their 110-foot infinity pool and eateries. As the name suggests, the hotel is located in the island of Eleutherea, 50 miles in the east of Nassau. Cove Eleuthera also offers many complimentary and recreational activities.