Top Activities You Should Try When Visiting Antigua and Barbuda

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A view of English Harbour and Fort Berkeley on the coast of the

When winter season seems never ending, we are too often dreaming on how to pass the time by imagining about warmer climates and sunny seashores. Yet, it is not a dream in Antigua and Barbuda as this area in the Caribbean region is one of the destinations for eternal summer. With the warm temperatures throughout the year, these Caribbean destinations make an ideal winter escape. So, ever wonder how to enjoy Antigua and Barbuda? Here are a couple of activities you should try:

Visiting the Stingray City in Antigua

This kind of adventure allows visitors and guests to swim with the stingrays in Antigua and get the chance to feed these creatures some squids. After a short orientation, you will be brought on a ten minute boat ride that will get you to the floating dock – and viola, this is where the fun begins! There is also a space where you can stand on the water as high as your waist to meet those free range stingrays. There are also different tropical fishes to be found at the coral reefs nearby so you are given an ample amount of time to explore the marine life and even snorkel around. If you need a bathroom break, there are rest room facilities located onshore too. This is a fun and amazing activity for all ages and is definitely worth the $50 price tag per person.

Valley Church Beach in Antigua

Once you get to the region, you may actually realize that most of their taxi drivers will encourage their visitors to try the Jolly Beach. However, if you want a quiet and serene vacation without compromising the fun, you should try the Valley Church Beach. The water in this location is in the perfect shade of blue while the sand is perpetual white. Bathroom facilities and plenty of shades through the palm trees are also found here. You can rent umbrellas, beach chairs and even jet skis at this resort should you want to create the fun outside. Nest Bar, the highly recommended establishment nearby serves cool drinks such as their rum punch. The only downside about this resort is that it can be loaded with guests who are in cruise. Otherwise, the resort is the best place for sunbathing and swimming.