Where to Stay in the Caribbean: How to Rent a Villa

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Caribbean villa

The resort, hotel or cruise line you pick for your Caribbean getaway will play a huge part in how much you are going to enjoy the entire experience. More often than not, this is where you are going to spend most of your time during your entire trip, especially if you have chosen an all inclusive Caribbean package or a cruise. Luckily, Caribbean islands offer a wide selection and different lodging types suited for your appeal. These accommodations can also fit to your interests and budget – from some of the luxurious hotels in the world to mini hostels.

Renting a Caribbean villa or a private house has been a huge alternative to those who are planning to stay in the Caribbean longer. Apparently, villas offer a more flexible accommodation offer than booking a hotel, especially when you are travelling in a group or family. The experience allows you to cherish the appeal of being one with the local culture or if you are simply looking for autonomy and privacy in one. If you are curious on how to rent a villa, here are some great tips:

Choose the Island

You will find a lot of villas for rent in any Caribbean destinations but not all island resorts are equal when it comes to its quality and quantity. For instance, if you are fond of night life, bars and casinos, you might want to consider finding a villa in St. Martin. If you are looking forward to enjoy the culture and the gastronomic activities in the Caribbean, it is worth checking Anguilla out.

Find a Booking Agent

You can easily find a villa booking agent through the internet. There are a lot of websites for travellers who prefer renting villas. However, you can always go with the simpler way by finding an agent who can help you find the villa of your choice. These agents will not just book your villa but will also meet you upon your arrival. They are also available to help you with your car rentals, air travel, arranging packaged tours and even finding restaurants.

Determine the Must-Haves in Your Villa

Start your search by narrowing your choices according to your range of budget and list some of the things that the accommodation must have. Unless you are looking during the last-minute vacation plans or during peak seasons, you can always find great villa rentals to satisfy your needs and preferences. For instance, you would prefer a villa with a beachfront view, child-friendly features, sports facilities, number of bedrooms, internet access and even the availability of drivers and masseuses.

Booking Tips

If you want to maximize your savings, consider booking a villa rental during off peak seasons. Seasons with high demand generally runs from December 15 to April 15 every year and you can save money if you decide to visit just before or after those busy weeks. If you are also planning a holiday vacation, make sure to book early. Some vacationers decide to wait for last minute promo deals but it is found to be risky as owners often use their villas themselves. Book ahead of time and enjoy the rest of the moment (and savings).

Your budget, preferences, and the time of vacation can play roles in making sure that you are renting the best villa for your needs. Consider these factors and tips out to ensure that you are having a blast with your accommodations in Caribbean.