Many times, we believe that life is assured, that we have enough time to know the hidden places that the world has for us, however, sometimes life escapes in a flash and when we refocus the goal we realize that We did not do what we always wanted to do.

This time you have the opportunity, the person who is in the office checking their social networks and dreaming of that next getaway that "someday" will have with your friends, partner or why not, by yourself, that trip that will not only leave a beautiful memory In your life, it will leave a tanned skin tone that more than a curious will ask you where you went.

This blog is an invitation that is personally the 10 things you must have to have an unforgettable vacation (or at least you must do to have the best notes of your life)

1. Cross Isla Mujeres on a motorcycle, bicycle or golf cart
Isla Mujeres with the immensity of the sea, the sides of the hotel zone of Cancun and the beautiful blue that you have left speechless, a perfect postcard that you can save not only in your cell phone but in the deepest part of your soul.


2. Snorkeling in Tulum
When you go to Tulum you can breathe an infinite peace, but the power of snorkeling in the second largest reef in the world is the best. In the months of August to December you can have companions like turtles, but if you do it at any time of the year you can swim with fish, manta rays and see a lost Dori (if you travel with children).


3. Feel the magic of Chichen Itza
Maybe because I am Mexican or because it is really exquisite to know that you are entering one of the 7 modern wonders but the mysticism that is to enter that beautiful Mayan city is incomparable, breathe that magic and amaze you with the accuracy that our ancestors made those structures leave a big pride inside. (No matter your nationality, you will end up wanting to want a long conversation with those priests of the temples)


4. New Year in Playa del Carmen
Come by yourself, accompanied or with your family, it is the best place to celebrate the new year, there is an electronic show on the beach, delicious dinners in the restaurants and the "pure good vibes" you can find. Get a little to the world of the people you see, but at the end you realize that you are also willing to spend the best sleepless night of your life, the best? They share with you that night and make you part of their party. Put on comfortable clothes ;)

5. Pull yourself out of a bungee
My first experience with a bungee was in Tequesquitengo, Morelos (another beautiful place in Mexico), the second was in Cancun, Quintana Roo. What is the difference? In Cancun who welcomed me with open arms was the splendid blueturquoise of the Caribbean Sea, no matter in what country or in what city you do it, let yourself be drunk with adrenaline with this set.

6. Drink tea with Minnie Mouse
Believe it or not, this little charming mouse find you and with an affectionate hug she invites you to take a delicious tea in the streets of Disney World in Orlando. At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical, but it was a revealing talk, especially since she was very good listening and although she only says Yes with her head, she helps to vent. Although of course I had to have had that talk when I was 6 years old, I'm sure she would have told me that I was a beautiful princess and that follow my dreams (or at least that is the magic that Disney always left in our hearts)

7. Enjoy an All Inclusive in the Riviera Maya
Who has not wanted to wake up, go out to the beach and receive drinks early? Well, if you have never had the satisfaction of disconnecting everything and being the spoiled one, this is one of the best experiences for which you can pay, if you have a family, your children are sitting while you relive that spark with your partner. They could end up more in love, more relaxed and pampered than they had ever imagined.


8. Swimming in a cenote
A cenote is an accumulation of water that exists since the meteorites collided with the earth and there are several types of cenotes: an open sky, semi-open and underground or in a cave. The amazing thing about them is what lives in depth, the part of the history of humanity, however, is the only one who wants to charge their energy.


9. Know the fluorescent sea of Holbox
This experience that allows you to play the words of winter night on the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, the light flashes of light appear on the surface and colors an unforgettable shade, greenish and bluish, sometimes it is so bright that it is It is possible to observe how little fish swim in the dark.

10. Fall in love with a sunset in front of the sea
The sea hides a unique mysticism. Enjoy how the sun is falling little by little, the sea that dyes in dark colors and kissing that person who accompanies you makes you remember and believe in love at first sight. If you just sigh to remember that precise moment in which to thank God for all the wonders that nature has given us.


Do not miss the opportunity to live each of these practices that we can assure you will have the best anecdotes for your family and friends. Remember that you can enjoy our promotional packages that one of our travel coordinators will gladly help you fulfill more than one of these dreams.

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We read each other soon, since I am anxious to know if you all would add or improve this list.

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