Useful information for your vacation in the Mexican Caribbean

a) Valid passport
b) Return air tickets
c) Multiple migratory form
If you have additional questions, you can check our blog in which we talk about the requirements to enter our country.
European visitors need to bring their adapters if they use 220 volts compared to the 110 volts used in Mexico. If you visit us from the United States or Latin America, you do not need an adapter.
Cancún: Market 28 in the center of the city, Plaza La Fiesta and Coral Negro in the Hotel Zone.
Riviera Maya: There are many places but one of the best known is Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen.
Remember that many hotels also have their area dedicated to the sale of souvernirs.
It is true that a large part of the services in parks, restaurants and hotels show their prices in dollars. But by law they have the obligation to show or have prices in Mexican pesos. They show the prices in dollars because it is an international destination, people come from different latitudes and the dollar is the reference currency to convert to their local currency and in this way to know if a product or service for them is expensive or cheap
for passengers as well as plans and payment facilities.
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