Reservations, purchases and plans

We always look for our guests to enjoy their vacations without worrying, that's why we offer the All Inclusive plan, so our guests forget the stress of the decisions for a few days and simply dedicate themselves to raising their hands to order the waiter. However, we must remember that we have different categories, some enjoy the adventure and get to know the Mayan lands, there are others who enjoy more the rest and the luxury of a private pool, or have access to all the restaurants of the hotel.
If flight tickets were included, we would ask you for a specific travel date, which would be a disadvantage. The benefit is that we will give you 12 months to plan your vacation regardless of the season, also remember that you can take advantage of all the promotions that airlines are constantly offering.
All of our hotels register or check-in at 3:00 pm.
All reservations are subject to availability. We recommend making reservations at least 30 to 60 days before your travel dates to ensure the best chance of receiving the dates and package you are requesting.
Generally one-way (airport-hotel) airport transportation is included. Please provide us with the proper documentation before arrival. Free transportation is available between our hotels in Cancun with shuttle buses running every 15 – 20 minutes.
If your flight is delayed, our transportation team will be aware of the situation and will be waiting for you, however, if you miss your flight, you will have to contact us as soon as possible. The contact numbers are the following:
USA: (786) 352 8176
México: 01 800 800 3896 / 01 800 020 2006
Colombia: 13 81 96 76
Chile: 1230 020 110 007
Ecuador: 1 800 010 572
Perú: 0 800 53 062 / 0 800 53287
Argentina: 0 800 666 3305 / 0 800 222 0134
Paraguay: 00 9 800 110 015
Dfrom any part of the world: 00 52 998 287 4108/ 00 52 998 287 4109
Our promotional packages are designed for family groups of 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years old, however we also have a package only for couples over 28 years old.
The validity of the vacation package is 12 months to plan your holiday dates and purchase airline tickets at a promotional rate.
Yes, we remind you that the vacation package has a subsidy for promotional purposes by our private vacation club and yacht club to invite you to know the vacation options we have for your family.
Yes it is possible to buy by phone call because the privileges of banking entities are used, so international laws are secured and help protect your account, it is not so easy for a company to obtain a banking terminal to collect, since certain and strict requirements, this is a very safe and practical way to register, remember that all the documentation will arrive in the next 24 hours to your email.
Through your credit card the charge is registered under the name of our company. We remind you that for your safety in our Legal Department they will provide you with the approval number, with which you can call your bank and corroborate the charge of your vacation package.
Because Caribbean Vacay is not a travel agency, we are dedicated to develope the marketing of the hotel chain, this allows us to have access to affordable prices for the consumer.
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